Hi ‐ I'm Luca Guidi, a software engineer based in Rome, Italy.
I'm a full stack web developer, with a focus on backend systems. I worked with a variety of companies: from small startups (DNSimple, Codeship, Divisare and Fr─ôstyl), medium sized companies (Litmus) to enterprise organizations, including UN, highways and television corporations.
I'm an indie Open Source developer, author of: I've also contributed to: Ruby on Rails, Rack and redis-rb.

Hire me, I'm available.
I can help remotely as software engineer and consultant. I can also do on site training for Ruby, Hanami and web development.
Please get in touch.

From time to time, I publish articles on this site:

The Penguin That Can't Fly

25,000+ Req/s for Rack JSON API with MRuby

JSON API Apps With Lotus

Effective TDD With Ruby: Tmux Setup

Effective TDD With Ruby: Vim Setup

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