Luca Guidi

Family man, software engineer, Open Source indie developer, speaker.
Author of Hanami, a full stack web framework for Ruby.

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Functional Web with Hanami

RailsClub 2017 - Moscow

Web applications are complex. MVC helps you to structure them, but you're still you're struggling with tangled dependencies, difficult reusability, byzantine patterns, hard to maintain model domains? What if you can have small, simple, and deterministic components that can be easily used (and reused) in your web apps? Let's see how functions, FP/OOP blending, data transformations, immutability, Dependency Injection can help to solve these problems. With this talk you'll learn how Hanami makes these principle easy to use, and what's the future of this uprising Ruby web framework.

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Introducing hanami-cli

by Luca Guidi on Oct 10, 2017 — 4 min read

Introducing hanami-cli: a general purpose Command Line Interface (CLI) for Ruby. Learn why Hanami replaced thor in favor of hanami-cli and how to use it to build a CLI application in 5 minutes.
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