Isolate Global State

Using global state in software programs, is handy for development, but evil to maintain. It can easily become source of bugs that are triggered by edge cases which are hard to track down. Let’s see why, and how we can mitigate the problem. An Example Of The Problem For instance, in Hanami code base we need to test how the framework configures itself according to certain env variables. We used to test like this: »

The Penguin That Can't Fly

A short story about OOP, interfaces and soft typing Today is the day at the headquarters of Spectacular Foo Ltd. The rising firm of the indie gaming scene is going to release its next blockbuster title: Banal Birds. The year is 2019, Ruby 3 is three times faster and has soft typing, what a crazy coincidence that solves everything! It was a nostalgic decision but, you, as the lead developer decided to use Ruby for this project. »