Open Source Updates: December 2020

Brief 2020 recap

During 2020 due to the pandemic and new job role (software backend architect at Toptal) I had less time to dedicate to Open Source. Luckily enough, other amazing people took care of projects that I care about.

Two people above all: Tim Riley for Hanami 2 and Tom Scott for redis-store.

Let’s start with the easy one: I don’t actively maintain redis-store anymore, Tom is the main person behind it, but I’m immensely grateful that he’s devoted to the project, which after 12 years is very mature.

Regarding Hanami 2, Tim transfrormed the old dry-view gem into the new implementation of hanami-view 2.0. Alongside with other great work, he integrated dry-system as main engine behind Hanami 2.

All this amazing work wasn’t released yet, we plan to do in the upcoming months.

December 2020

hanami-utils 2.0 is ready. The last bit was the transformation of Hanami::Utils::String from a class into a module.

Introducing framework classes that are inheriting from core Ruby classes, in order to provide more features, it turned out to not play well for maintenance, performance, and compatibility with the Ruby ecosystem. The change of Hanami::Utils::String (and Hanami::Utils::Hash) into modules, allows us to keep the features that are needed internally for Hanami, without introducing new types and working with the core ones.

We may decide to remove even more code from this Ruby gem.

hanami-router 2.0 is almost ready. There are some cleanup and performance improvements to do. The last missing feature is routes inspection. I’ve implemented a first draft that reuses most of the existing code, but it doesn’t scale well for memory consumption. A second iteration is needed to change the implementation, reuse less code, but make it more efficient.

hanami-view 2.0 is in the work. I added the ability to create custom anonymous scopes to give the ability to introduce ad-hoc helpers for views.

Here’s an example of it:

class ApplicationScope < Hanami::View::Scope

  def formatted_timestamp(time)

class ApplicationView < Hanami::View
  config.scope = ApplicationScope

class MyView < ApplicationView
  scope do
    def last_updated_at
end # => "2020-12-23 13:39:57"

The implementation on hanami-helpers 2.0 has just started The work on the views was needed as preparatory work to make hanami-helpers 2.0 compatible with the new view rendering context.

This is still a work in progress effort.


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Until the next month. 😎

Luca Guidi

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