My focus right now ● Inspired by


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which is serious in Italy, I’m in lockdown for the third week in a row. My family, friends, relatives & I are doing well. I’m really greateful for that.

If you want me to do remote presentations / Q&A about Ruby, Hanami, remote work, software, DM me on Twitter.


I’m working at Toptal as Back-end Architect to envision a SOA architecture for the company.

Currently, I’m overviewing initiatives that involve Apache Kafka and advanced usage of GraphQL with a Apollo Federation.

Open Source

I’m working on Hanami 2.0 and the new Hanami::API.

The Hanami, ROM, and dry-rb teams joined the efforts to deliver together Hanami 2.0.


I’m metidating again (using Calm app).

Wrapping up the first quarter using OKRs to track both professional and personal goals. The outcome are decent. From other people’s experience, it will take a few quarters to adapt to the system.

I’m learning how to techno music.