Setup Hanami with Sidekiq

Introduction Sidekiq is the standard in the Ruby ecosystem for background jobs. This short tutorial will show you how to set up Sidekiq in a Hanami application using Docker Compose. For the basic setup, please look at my previous tutorial: Getting Started with Hanami and Docker Compose. We’ll modify that demo application to support Sidekiq. Steps 1. Add the Sidekiq gem ⚡ bundle add sidekiq 2. Add a Sidekiq provider Add a Hanami provider for Sidekiq (config/providers/sidekiq. »

Getting Started with Hanami and Docker Compose

Introduction Hanami 2.0 is the perfect Ruby framework for building robust and fast API applications. The 2.0 version comes without a persistency layer (that will be a 2.2 feature). Today we’ll learn how to set up a Hanami app with a secure Redis instance using Docker Compose in a few steps. As a prerequisite, you’ll need Docker, cURL, Ruby 3.2+, and Hanami 2.0+. Steps 1. Generate the app Generate a new Hanami 2. »

Getting Started with Hanami and GraphQL

Introduction Hanami 2.0 is a productive Ruby framework that quickly supports you in building API applications. Today we will see how to get started with Hanami and GraphQL in ten steps. We will create the app and a simple code to support the GraphQL schema with a simple Query, including a request spec. The theme is a classic Star Wars schema. As a prerequisite, you’ll need Ruby 3.2 and Hanami 2. »

Open Source Updates: Q1 2021

Hanami CI stability I was one of the early adopters of Travis CI, but in more than a decade the service that served so well the Open Source community is not the first class solution that it used to be. We decided to migrate to GitHub Actions, so I spent time to migrate all the Hanami gems to GitHub Actions. Not all the Open Source work is for the game of the fame. »

Open Source Updates: December 2020

Brief 2020 recap During 2020 due to the pandemic and new job role (software backend architect at Toptal) I had less time to dedicate to Open Source. Luckily enough, other amazing people took care of projects that I care about. Two people above all: Tim Riley for Hanami 2 and Tom Scott for redis-store. Let’s start with the easy one: I don’t actively maintain redis-store anymore, Tom is the main person behind it, but I’m immensely grateful that he’s devoted to the project, which after 12 years is very mature. »