Open Source Updates: Q1 2021

Hanami CI stability I was one of the early adopters of Travis CI, but in more than a decade the service that served so well the Open Source community is not the first class solution that it used to be. We decided to migrate to GitHub Actions, so I spent time to migrate all the Hanami gems to GitHub Actions. Not all the Open Source work is for the game of the fame. »

Open Source Updates: December 2020

Brief 2020 recap During 2020 due to the pandemic and new job role (software backend architect at Toptal) I had less time to dedicate to Open Source. Luckily enough, other amazing people took care of projects that I care about. Two people above all: Tim Riley for Hanami 2 and Tom Scott for redis-store. Let’s start with the easy one: I don’t actively maintain redis-store anymore, Tom is the main person behind it, but I’m immensely grateful that he’s devoted to the project, which after 12 years is very mature. »

Lessons Learned In Open Source: The Motivations

It was a rainy Wednesday. That 5th of Oct 2011, I was driving to work, stuck in the traffic, while the radio announced it: Steve Jobs was died. I was shocked. For me and more than one generation, he was the iconic leader, whom fame and success went beyond his tech career. “Can I achieve the same?” I thought. Since that day, we self-proclaimed visionaries, we tried to emulate his attitude. »